Ben Bayot

Chief Executive Officer

Ben joined TJS in 2012 as Chief Operations Officer, and his vast experience, dedication and impeccable knowledge of the industry saw him transition easily to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Ben is responsible for the strategic direction of TJS and has been instrumental in strengthening the focus of TJS leading to substantial growth in new markets. He has ensured the TJS culture of pride and purpose has remained consistent across all aspects of the company throughout periods of growth and transition.

Neville Nixon

General Manager Support Services

Neville is responsible for the delivery of all support services to the company. This includes people management, governance, compliance and risk mitigation. Neville is responsible for contract administration and has experience in both Government and commercial industries.

Melissa Brennan

General Manager Yaanma

Melissa Brennan is responsible for the supervision of Yaanma operations and management. She has over 7 years’ experience in the facilities management industry. Melissa is a proud Aboriginal woman and grew up on the NSW south coast. Passionate about making a difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, she brings a wealth of industry and governance experience to Yaanma.

Kerrie Howard

General Manager People & Culture

Kerrie joined TJS in 2017 as General Manager of People & Culture. Kerrie holds a wealth of experience across human resources, industrial relations, and people development as a result of previous roles held at Spotless and Compass Group.  Kerrie drives organisational excellence by providing clear strategic leadership and operational delivery of human resources and organisational development functions and services. A champion of TJS’s ability to attract, retain, and develop a passionate, informed and committed workforce, Kerrie works closely with the Executive Leadership Team and Senior Leaders of TJS to influence leadership capability development and a high-performance culture across the organisation.