TJS Services Partners with The Kid’s Cancer Project
August 18, 2017

TJS Services are proud to announce sponsorship of the Kid’s Cancer Project in line with the charity’s national bus tour beginning this month.

Founded by Col Reynolds in 1993, The Kid’s Cancer Project is a national charity committed to combatting childhood cancer through scientific research.

The partnership will see both TJS and The Kid’s Cancer Project align their values as community driven organisations as they work in unison to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

“We are humbled to be supporting a community based foundation with such strong commitment to addressing childhood cancer. TJS is a business that cares for both client and community, sponsoring the Kid’s Cancer Project gives us the opportunity to give back to a cause that affects over 15,000 children each year” – Chief Executive Officer, Ben Bayot

In line with their support of The Kid’s Cancer Project, TJS will also be supporting the organisation’s Write a Book in a Day campaign, promoting healthy learning and development for schools across the country.

Having already enabled three schools to participate in the program for the first time, the national facility services provider is reaching out to schools experiencing financial hardship and wishing to join the program.

“We cannot thank TJS enough for sponsoring us to enter the competition. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some of these students and we are so very grateful.” – Matthew Pearce Public School

The support and funding provided by TJS Services and various other corporate partners has lead to great progress.

To date the Kid’s Cancer Project has raised over $200,000 and funded 1.6 scientists with more to follow.

More importantly in the charity’s quest to raise brand awareness for their cause, thousands of people are now following the yellow bus journey locally and from areas outside the bus route - SA, Perth, country NSW and Victoria.