July 11, 2017

This month TJS Services confirmed membership with the leading Indigenous industry body, Supply Nation.

The move comes as TJS works towards supplier diversity in light of goals set out in their Reconciliation Action Plan. Now apart of the Supply Nation community, TJS is one of the many members sharing best practice to achieve their common goal of sustainable supplier diversity.

Established in 2009, Supply Nation is the Australian leader in Indigenous supplier diversity, connecting both Corporate and Government members with Indigenous businesses across the country. 

As TJS joins supply nation, they take a step closer towards helping all Australians secure equal opportunity in the work force. 

Chief Executive Officer, Ben Bayot says the impacts of supplier diversity are far reaching and can have significant positive impact on the social and economic development of our nation.  

“We have the opportunity as a business to make a positive and long lasting social impact. Our commitment to supplier diversity is a testament to our commitment to the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; our goal is to go beyond immediate employment, instead creating lasting pathways for growth and development. We share this goal with all staff across the business as well as with our Indigenous Sister Company, Yaanma Services”

Today, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders are on the path of leading supplier diversity and positive social change.  Through Supply Nation Membership, companies like TJS are joining the movement towards a future of equal opportunity.

Supply Nation Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Laura Berry, said “we are delighted to welcome TJS Group Services Pty Ltd Australia into the Supply Nation program and look forward to working with them to develop their supplier diversity footprint and the measure of our collective success will be in the value of transactions between our members and suppliers.”

Supply Nation is a simple and effective collaboration between Government, Corporate and Indigenous Australia.  Supply Nation’s mission is to facilitate, encourage and promote business between these sectors and Indigenous owned businesses. 

Supply Nation connects its members to Indigenous businesses to build a vibrant and prosperous Indigenous business sector by incorporating Indigenous owned, controlled and managed businesses into the supply chain of Australian companies and government agencies.

Supply Nation and its membership will play an important role in closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage by facilitating and contributing growth in Indigenous enterprise in Australia