TJS Continues to Support Indigenous Prosperity
December 08, 2016

One of the greatest challenges of our nation is the improvement of our Indigenous people’s quality of life. Today more Indigenous students are finishing year 12 studies, however tertiary enrolments in Australian universities and current employment statistics remain poor.

It is for this reason that we maintain the importance of supporting organisations that contribute to the development and prosperity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

We are both proud and humbled to support the Classic Wallabies Indigenous Exchange in 2016 and into the new year as we unite to solve this challenge.

TJS’s sponsorship of the CWIE ensures that young Indigenous Australians are met with the opportunity to explore new social, cultural, sporting, academic, economic and political conditions. CWIE fosters a program centred around creating opportunity for academic study and volunteer service in international communities. This program is designed specifically to promote career and personal development for all participants.

Over the last three years, the CWIE has successfully mobilised 24 young Indigenous Australians to South Africa. In 2017 their vision is to provide overseas volunteering and academic opportunities for an additional 12 applicants.

Our team is proud to continue supporting the development and prosperity of Indigenous Australians through the Classic Wallabies Indigenous Exchange.

Disclaimer: All photo rights in this article belong to the Classic Wallabies Indigenous Exchange.