TJS delivers a comprehensive cleaning service by a committed and experienced team. Through an extensive training, client and site analysis we get a complete understanding of your facility and expectations. We effectively manage a mobilisation plan to establish key objectives that will ensure a smooth working relationship, aided by seamless communication throughout your partnership with us.


  • Commercial cleaning
  • Specialised floor care
  • Window and high window cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Dusting
  • Rubbish removal
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning
  • Construction cleaning
  • Waste management & recycling solutions
  • Housekeeping
  • Commercial hood exhaust and dust cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Chemicals and consumables disposal
  • Event and function cleaning
  • Medical cleaning services to clinical standards
  • Hygiene services

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Customised IT platform

TJS cleaning services are supported by our industry-leading IT platform, TJS Connect, which tracks our cleaners and supervisors as they work. The system can be configured to meet each client's specific performance indicators, allowing us to tailor reports according to contract, task and facility.

The system ensures that processes are strictly followed, with cleaning and inspection checklists completed by cleaners and CSMs, and signed off by client representatives to ensure satisfaction. Other comprehensive reports generated from his system include incident reporting and quality reports, with all data and photographs generated in real time to accurately indicate works completed.

Client focused

In our experience, regular communication from a dedicated representative achieves lasting outcomes for our clients which is why we appoint dedicated Client Service Managers (CSMs) as your one point of contact.

Specialised care and environmentally friendly processes

With our tailored service, high-tech equipment and industry expertise, we can offer sophisticated cleaning for high-maintenance facilities. We work closely with suppliers providing specialised cleaning products to ensure we have the right products for the right spaces.

At TJS we believe in environmental sustainability. Our partnership with Peerless JAL gives us access to the most sustainable cleaning products and technologies available.

The research and development team at Peerless JAL have explored all possible avenues to reduce the environmental impact its users have on the environment. TJS are involved in employing environmentally innovative initiatives, including:

  • Using products manufactured from biodegradable raw materials
  • Helping reduce water and chemical usage through microfibre mops, which use up to 16 times less cleaning solution than standard cotton mops
  • Use of Hy-Series floor care products, water-based to eliminate solvents that pose a risk to users and cause damage to the environment
  • Use of high-filtration (HEPA) vacuums.

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