Our commitment is to our clients and their unique facility's needs. Through constant communication and expert management teams, we ensure every client is met with the quality service they expect.

Client Focus

Central to our approach is a genuine commitment to our partners and building long-term relationships. We pride ourselves on being proactive as we deliver a high quality service, remaining flexible to our clients' ongoing needs.

The TJS local management structure is shaped to ensure we can deliver a hands-on, flexible service that is supported by senior management.

On-site supervisors

Part of your cleaning team, assisting with maintaining standards and ongoing training.

Customer service manager (CSM)

We dedicate a CSM as your single point of contact to facilitate open communications, provide weekly quality audits, reports and consultations, and closely supervise and train cleaners. Your CSM also oversees full compliance and accreditation.

Operations manager

TJS's operations managers are accountable for your services, and regularly attend meetings and audit our delivery.

Support from state managers, sector GMs and senior executives

Our senior managers take a hands-on approach to supporting the team, regularly meeting with clients and stakeholders to assist with any potential issues.

Regulated Processes 

To ensure our clients receive quality results, we ensure all our operational people and processes are certified, monitored and working in line with Australian industry standards.

At TJS we engage both internal and external methods of regulation. Internally, our dedicated Risk and Assurance Manager monitors our level of compliance across all matters relating to quality, insurance, risk and safety. Externally, we engage appropriate industry bodies to conduct audits and obtain necessary permits for key staff.

Our dedication to constant regulation rests on our understanding that in order to provide the best possible service delivery; we must approach every facility critically with the proper working permits.

Innovative Systems

Our solid IT platform supports our commitment to providing all our clients with genuine, measured and tailored results. TJS Connect gives each client direct access to a customised online portal. The portal is equipped with regularly updated data relating specifically to your site and scope of works, providing you with a snap shot of the progress of work on site. Our system is adaptive and therefore can be adjusted at request to suit any specific requirements, quality audits and reports are all site and contract specific.

TJS Connect capabilities include:

  • Customised weekly quality audits
  • Summarised monthly and KPI reporting
  • Tracking employee attendance through time in attendance app
  • Raise, open and close work orders online
  • Submit electronic invoices including alterations and updates
  • Risk assessments and incident reporting
  • QR code-based system embedded with GPS tracking to monitor service rotation schedules

At TJS we believe in implementing environmentally sustainable practices, processes and products wherever possible. In line with our commitment to this, we have built strong partnerships with environmentally conscious suppliers to maximise environmental innovation and ensure we have constant access to a sustainable suite of products.








Qualified People

All our employees undergo a comprehensive three stage induction process prior to commencing any work onsite. Our induction is designed to be client, contract and site specific, ensuring all our employees are amply trained and familiar with the unique requirements and challenges of your facility.

From our on the ground delivery team to top tiered management, our people have industry experience and a commitment to upholding our high quality standards.

Great people make for great operations, and we're proud of the efficiencies we can achieve as a result.